Rise from the Ashes

In March 1998, the world Changed. Firearms ceased to work, along with all the modern conveniences that made the world run smoothly. The cause of the Change is unknown but rumors suggest the epicenter of the Change to be in Nantucket, Conneticut. But that is for a different tale.

Your task is to survive the coming days in Portland, Oregon. Do you choose to rebuild the world in its previous state? Or will you rebuild it in a more fantastical way? Either way, you feel that the next couple of WEEKS, let alone years, will be a difficult time.

Simultaneously, you are a member of the Paranet; a group that provides infrastructure and protection to low level human practitioners with minor magical talent. Will you save the other Paranetters or leave them on their own?

Rise from the ashes

Post apocalyptic cityscape JamesZollicoffer