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Roll 1d10

  1. Wants revenge
  2. Needs the party’s help on a quest
  3. Needs money
  4. Bored, seeks excitement
  5. Seeks magic
  6. Seeks lost relative or friend
  7. Seeks fame
  8. Wants to enslave everyone
  9. Wants to protect others from harm
  10. Wants to chronicle the party’s adventures

Roll d20

  1. Academic – Librarians, archaeologists, scholars, professors, and other educational professionals.
  2. Adventurer – Professional daredevils, big-game hunters, thrill hunters, and others called to face danger for a variety of reasons.
  3. Athlete – Professional and amateur athletes of all types and those who engage in any type of competitive sport.
  4. Blue Collar – Factory workers, food service jobs, construction workers and other jobs that are usually not considered to be desk jobs.
  5. Celebrity – Actors, entertainers of all types, radio/television personalities, and more fall under this occupation.
  6. Creative – Artists of all types who fan their creative spirit into a career.
  7. Criminal – Con artists, burglars, crime family soldiers, gang members, and other types of career criminals.
  8. Dilettante – The typical dilettante has no job, few responsibilities, and at least one driving passion that occupies his or her day.
  9. Doctor – A physician (general or specialist), a surgeon, or a psychiatrist.
  10. Emergency Services – Rescue workers, firefighters, EMT’s, paramedics, and hazardous material handlers fall under this category.
  11. Entrepreneur – Entrepreneurs have an obsession with being their own boss. They believe in themselves, have an abundance of confidence, and the ability to acquire the funds necessary to bankroll their newest moneymaking venture.
  12. Investigative – Investigative reporters, private investigators, criminologists, police detectives, and others who use their skills to gather evidence and analyze clues.
  13. Law Enforcement – Uniformed police, state troopers, SWAT team members, federal agents, and others who enforce the law.
  14. Military – Covers any of the branches of the armed forces as well as the various elite training units.
  15. Religious – Ordained clergy of all persuasions, as well as theological scholars and experts on religious studies fall within this occupation.
  16. Rural – Farm workers, hunters, and other who make a living in rural communities.
  17. Student – (n) 1. A person who is studying at a school or college. 2. Denoting someone who is studying in order to enter a particular profession.
  18. Technician – Scientists and engineers of all types fit within this occupation.
  19. White Collar – Office workers and desk jockeys, lawyers, accountants, clerks and a variety of mid-level managers fall within this occupation.
  20. Career Slacker – You choose to be unemployed…at least, that’s what you keep telling yourself

Roll 1d20
Behavioral Traits

  1. Sunny optimist, unflappable
  2. Gloomy pessimist, seems doom everywhere
  3. Religious fanatic, tries to convert others
  4. Superstitious, sees ill omens in everything
  5. Hedonistic, gambler, and drinker
  6. Violent, eager to attack
  7. Greedy, takes risks for treasure
  8. Barbaric, knows little of civilization
  9. Patriotic, fights for a noble or a country
  10. Careless, sloppy, makes casual mistakes
  11. Bookish, studious, takes copious notes
  12. Loyal, fights to the death for friends
  13. Suspicious, trusts no one
  14. Altruistic easy target for a person in need
  15. Honorable, follows rigid code
  16. Grim, suicidally brave
  17. Vengeful, seeks payback for a wrong
  18. Abrasive, insults others
  19. Finicky, overly polite and formal
  20. Rude, ill-mannered

Roll 1d10 and tell the DM. ONLY the DM

  1. In debt to crime lord
  2. Spy for a villain
  3. Spy for a rival organization
  4. Works for villain but wants to change sides
  5. Worships an evil god
  6. Once belonged to evil cult
  7. Fleeing from powerful enemy
  8. Has a deep phobia
  9. Once famous in particular city or region
  10. Noble in hiding

back story

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