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This setting is best started as an urban fantasy campaign/adventure before The Change.
4e Urban Fantasy rules inspired by the Dresden Files

House Rules

  • Enforced Fun- You will have fun and you will like it!
  • Idiot Rule- When you’re at the table, everything is considered In-Character, unless your hand is on your forehead
  • Anything that’s not in the DM’s book at the table must be printed off to be allowed.
  • “Fortune Favors the Bold” (Fate points)
    Fate points are awarded to any PC who commits a selfless act or brave deed that can only be called Heroic. Likewise Fate points can be offered to an evil aligned character who performs a particularly vile act. They can be used at the player’s discretion to perform amazing (often otherwise impossible) acts.
    Players may not hold more than 1 FP
    On his turn, before the success or failure of an action, a player can announce he is spending a FP to help accomplish the action. Roll 1d4 to the action.
    If used with an attack roll, and the attack roll would have succeeded without the FP, the attack is upgraded to an automatic Critical.
    One FP may be spent to re-roll any failed roll. The second roll may not be re-rolled.
    One FP may be spent to “Take 10” on any roll that normally does not allow for a “Take 10”.
    One FP may be spent to “Take 20” on a roll that normally allows a “Take 10”
    If used when a character is being attacked; one FP can be spent to add a +1d20 “Fate Bonus” to the Armor Class or a Saving Throw. If used with a saving throw for half damage or partial effect, and the save would have succeeded without the FP, then he takes no damage or ill effects at all.
    One FP may be spent to make something work in a way the rules normally do not allow {i.e. popping open a lock in the middle of combat by banging on it just right, firing an arrow, or throwing one’s sword to cut the bonds of a bound ally in the middle of a fight, or not only disarming a foe, but sending the weapon sailing into the hand of a nearby ally}. Actions allowed at the GM’s discretion.

Character Creation

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